The Decision to move to a Care Community can be accompanied
by feelings of hope, fear and frustration.

As Downsizing and Moving Specialists, we know this transition requires a unique approach. Peace of Mind Moves are designed to help you when it may feel like you life is spinning out-of-control.

Peace of Mind Moves are:

AFFORDABLE... You'll know the cost before the move. First, we can chat with the person moving before selecting, packing and moving their personal items. Then, we unpack and put everything away so the new home looks familiar, feels comfortable and is safe.

COMPASSIONATE... At this challenging time for you and your family, our caring, experienced staff listens to your concerns and helps you through the entire transition.

EFFICIENT... When you must make the right decision in a limited time, the Peace of Mind Moves team is there, with the experience and resources needed to move quickly.

PERSONALIZED... We help the person you care about by understanding their needs and creating a customized relocation plan that will work.

...taking care of the details so you don't have to

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