Rave Reviews

A Client... I want to thank you for all you did for me. You spent a lot of time with me and it was greatly appreciated. Thanks for everything.

A Daughter-in-law...You are AMAZING!!! I just heard from my mother-in-law and she thinks YOU and your helper were wonderful! She said that you would do anything for her... You have won her over... This is the most positive that she has been over this move. I hope things continue to go along quickly and soon she will be happily settled in her new home.

A Sister... Those two little words, 'Thank You', cannot truly express how much I appreciate all that you have done for my brother and myself. Not only did you make the move stress-free but you also made his transition to his new home so much easier. I am sure there have been many occasions that you wanted to 'belt him one' but you were so gracious and caring and this truly helped me - as you saw, I have sometimes been very angry with him. It appears he is adjusting well so far and I am hoping this will continue.

An Interior Designer... I cannot thank you enough for your care and attention and hard work during our move. You and your team made what might have been a difficult and stressful event a joy and a celebration. Thank you does not suffice. We love the Divas!!!

A Doctor... I wanted to write this letter of appreciation in recognition of your extraordinary work in assisting one of our patients. You exhibited professionalism and sensitivity toward our patient, supporting her through an extremely difficult process.

A Lawyer... We would like to say how pleased we were with your services, from the initial meeting with our client to assisting her on the day of moving by accompanying her to her new residence, arranging furniture and even hanging pictures to make her feel more at ease in her new home. We will not hesitate to call upon your very able services again nor hesitate to recommend you to others requiring similar services.

A Real Estate Agent... Downsizing Diva has helped a number of my clients and their families prepare for the sale and subsequent move from a family home. She does this with the probity of a United nations diplomat and the patience of Job. With many seniors, she takes a seemingly overwhelming task and holds their hands through to the satisfactory conclusion. She becomes a member of the family.

A Nephew... My Aunt's move would never have gone so smoothly without you and I appreciate your hard work and expertise very much. If the best advertisement is a satisfied customer, you have a good ad in me.

A Niece... I don't know where to begin to thank you for all your efforts in ensuring my Aunt's move was as seamless as possible. You were amazing in your ability to manage things on our moving day, but most importantly you were able to manage my Aunt in the gentlest but most helpful way. We all benefited significantly from your presence. You were quite simply amazing.

A Client's Friend... Thank you again and again and again - for your wonderful help with my friend. You were truly wonderful and it was so very appreciated by her.

A Daughter... I can't thank you enough for all your much-needed help in moving Mom. Not only did you make a difficult situation for me so much easier, but your upbeat and optimistic nature is contagious and you made the whole job a positive experience. You are one talented lady!

A Son... Many, many thanks to you for providing exceptional service and making my mother's difficult transition to her new home as smooth as humanly possible. You were professional, attentive and empathetic. We truly appreciate what you did for us.

A Seminar Participant... Every time I meet one of my club members, we exclaim over the happy time we had listening to you, and how apt was so much of what you said. I know that I and some of the other ladies have thrown out some stuff already. And thinking it over, I realized how sensible and right was your philosophy. I have never enjoyed any of our speakers more. Thank you sincerely for making our Christmas meeting a special one.

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